Sanctuary City

Visual Studies Workshop

Project Space program from October 8-November 3, 2018

Rigoberto Díaz has created works that are largely about the physical trials of immigration. For his Project Space residency, Diaz will continue working on projects and with processes that he has been developing for several years and that need different cities for their culmination. In one he rides inside the trunk of a car while creating a form of documentation of different Sanctuary Cities. And his Death Trucks project is a series of photographs that are records of cargo trucks’ interiors from different areas of the United States. The so-called Death Trucks are those that are used for the illegal trafficking of people and can become a kind of gas chamber. The images capture the moment of being enclosed.

Death trucks

Fotografias tomadas con celular/ Photographs taken with a cell phone

Death trucks (1)

Death trucks  (2).JPG


White Maps.2018


White Maps (1)

White Maps (2).jpg

Arriar. 2018




Visual Instruction Division. 2018

VIW (5)

VIW (2)VIW (7)

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